point 2018 Taiwan Business Alliance Conference
Contact Taiwan, Invest Taiwan, Bravo Taiwan.


The Taiwan Business Alliance Conference is Taiwan's most prestigious annual investment promotion activity. Every year, senior managers of leading multinational corporations are invited to present their views on current industry trends and the government's major industrial policies. In addition, leading companies often use the Conference as an opportunity to sign Letters of Intent (LOI). This annual Conference is attended by hundreds of senior executives representing leading multinational corporations. It provides an opportunity for corporate decision-makers, industry experts and venture capital firms to gain an in-depth understanding of Taiwan's investment environment, as well as its competitive strengths and new business opportunities. The Conference also showcases Taiwan's investment promotion achievements.


The theme of this year's Conference is "Contact Taiwan, Invest Taiwan, Bravo Taiwan." Building on the foundation of the government's "5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan" and "Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program", this year's Conference will highlight sectors such as smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, medicine and medical equipment, information security, circular economy, railway vehicles, AR/VR, gaming and other emerging sectors. Through its investment promotion efforts, Taiwan welcomes overseas companies to invest in Taiwan and creates more technology partnerships with Taiwanese firms. These efforts will help spur further industrial innovation and growth within Taiwan's economy.


For this year's Conference, the MOEA has invited distinguished leaders from many multinational corporations to share their views on industry trends and the outlook for investment in Taiwan. In addition, leading government officials will discuss new government policies that are focused on creating a Taiwanese investment environment that provides fertile soil for the growth of new innovation-oriented industries. Representatives from several leading corporations will share their experiences of investing in Taiwan, focusing on areas such as key technologies, strategic alliances and the industrial ecosystem. This year's Conference will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about Taiwan's evolving investment environment as well as gain insight into strategies being used by leading international corporations to grow within today's rapidly changing global economic and trading environment.